7th Blog of Christmas: Short and Sweet

I’m sitting on the couch eating ice cream, drinking a glass of wine and watching the Warriors game. This is my happy place and an evening of much needed self-care so I’m going to keep this short and sweet.

If you’re exhausted, stressed, worried, or otherwise overwhelmed right now, SAME. ‘Tis the season, after all. But let this serve as a reminder that you, too, can find your bit of respite, your slice of quiet, your happy place sudden and replenishing, on your couch on a Monday. It doesn’t have to be spa days and pedicures, or take swaths of time or special events to give yourself the gift of attuned personal attention.

I was supposed to write a long blog post tonight. I was supposed to finish the laundry and the dishes and start wrapping gifts and return some phone calls. But then the ice cream and then the wine and always the Warriors, and my body and mind are protesting any and all tasks that prevent me from enjoying those three things. So, I’m writing my first-ever post from my phone at half-time because I’m too relaxed to get up and get my computer, I’m eating ice cream out of the carton because I’m too lazy to get a bowl (and don’t want to add one more dish to the pile), and I’m keeping this post short. My compromises for my self-care.

With one week until Christmas when the stress of it all can get in the way of the fun of it all, remember to sit back, take a breath, and put yourself higher than chores on that list of yours. You deserve some time in your happy place.

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