8th Blog of Christmas: A Tax Bill Rant

I had a whole other post planned for today, but I just saw that the GOP Tax Bill has passed in the House and I am seething. This is such a corrupt and blatant attack on middle and low-income families, children, the vulnerable who rely on their representatives to support and take care of them, I can barely see straight. Greed and money is at the heart of every evil. Have these people never read or seen A Christmas Carol? There will be no ghosts coming for the GOP, their souls are beyond saving.

The whole point of 12 Blogs of Christmas was to put myself in a better headspace and have a more positive outlook during this holiday season. After all, it’s no better for my mental health to be glued to the news and let these kinds of legislative attacks blur out all that is good in the world.

Yet, I can’t spin this one. I can’t find a way around. So I have to go through. And through it, I am pissed, disappointed, worried, disgusted, and just so, so tired. This is what tyranny runs on, the existential exhaustion of good people. It counts on wearing the people down to the point that those in power get to do whatever they want.

It hasn’t been my intention to ignore the bad, or simply flip the bad into all the ways a situation is good. Not at all. But by doing this exercise, it is my intention to hold both sides of truth in more of a balanced way. Acknowledging that evil exists (it’s hard to ignore these days), but that good exists to combat it.

This is why we read our children fairy tales and dark stories. This is why epic tales about war and the battle for good versus evil continue to speak to us every day. We live it in a variety of ways and stories like Star Wars, The Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter, pierce this narrative in all the right places.

Because we are aware that there is darkness in the world. There will always be darkness in the world. But in telling these stories to our kids, what we teach them, and often need a reminder of ourselves, is that there is also always light fighting back and pushing through the dark. That we must draw up our courage and do the same, every day, in every way we can.

So what to do about these Death Eaters? These Sith Lords? These Uruk-hais? We fight with light. Our light is our voices, our resistance, our vote in 2018.

Like any good revenge plot, 2018 is our third act.

2016 election was about waking up.

2017 was about staying mad. Mad enough to not let the powers that be rule untested, unquestioned.

2018 will be about getting even. Mid-term elections. Continue the trend that we have started in Virginia and Alabama. Flipping seats, unseating career politicians who have literally used this bill to personally “cash out”. To gather strength, energy, and resolve to continue resisting. Not to let these feelings take precedent over action. Rather, let these feelings fuel action.

Finding the good by being the good.

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