Happy Birthday to Brimming (and me!)

Hi, hello, I know... Are we still allowed to blog in these weird times? I've been struggling with what to write here these past ten weeks. It's not like we need more noise about this virus or opinion pieces as to why this is so hard. I went back and forth as to with whether... Continue Reading →

Anyone Know How to Write a Second Book? Asking for Me.

How does one write a second book exactly? Non-rhetorical. It seems that I operate on a cycle of making babies every two years, some in human form and some in book form. Now my second child is here and we've found a sorta groove, I have that second book knocking on my brain. But, I'm... Continue Reading →

Join Me for a February Aspiring Author Instagram Challenge!

It took me a long time to call myself a writer. It felt presumptuous for a number of reasons, and I harbored a real imposter syndrome for a long time. Now that I write and have done for enough time that the writer identity feels fully integrated along with all my other selves, a rule... Continue Reading →

Asking For Support Is So Hard and So Necessary

Reaching out for support does not come naturally or easily to me. There is such pressure on women in general, moms in particular, to hold it together & take care of others beyond the limits of healthy capacity, no matter what.

5 Upcoming Book-to-Movie Adaptations I’m Super Excited About

I'm a book reader who loves movie adaptations. Not only are they delightful and a way for us to nerd out, but I also get to be smug when they get a detail wrong. These are the 5 I'm most looking forward to in the next year!

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