I Will Follow You Into The Light: My PPD Award Thank You Speech

Embarking on this challenge of writing out and sharing my postpartum depression journey here has been the ultimate exercise in vulnerability. I didn't think I would ever in my life write on these topics, and now I'm not sure I will ever stop writing about these topics (I mean, in general. Don't worry, Brimming will... Continue Reading →

When It’s Really Not Baby Blues (Because It’s Definitely Postpartum Depression)

It was "only baby blues". I was "only moody". I was "only sleep-deprived" and "only hormonal". I was blind to the obvious, I refused to see the truth. The truth, that is only so vivid in retrospect, that I had postpartum depression. You see, I had my misconceptions about it. I had seen it egregiously... Continue Reading →

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