Proud to have contributed to this article by Caitlin Gallagher on my experience with perinatal and postpartum depression (paragraph 11).  “12 moms open up about how they coped with pregnancy-related depression

Pregnant Chicken:


That first year of motherhood is a whirlwind and it is vital to take care of yourself any way you can. I wrote the seven best things I did for myself that first year: “The 7 Best Things I Did For Myself As A First Time Mom”

Her View From Home:

For parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, or anyone who has a kiddo in their life who is growing up lightning fast: “He Grows Up a Little More Every Day and I’m Trying To Keep Calm


All about the journey from person to mother during that first year insane, gorgeous, exhausting year of new motherhood: “Somewhere along the way, I started feeling like a ‘real mom’

One of my highest read Brimming pieces was featured on and it’s all about identity in motherhood: “You’re Still In There

East Bay Express:

In line with the historic Women’s March, on January 21, 2017, the East Bay Express published several letters from Bay Area women responding to the Trump Administration. Here is the link to mine: ‘You Need Us

I went skydiving for my 30th birthday and wrote about why it’s important to do things that scare you: ‘Doing Things That Scare You’.

Is reading a huge part of your life? I wrote on how to keep at it with a busy schedule: “4 Ways I Stay a Constant Reader”.

I worked as a contributing writer for (now defunct) from 2013-2014. I wrote recaps, slideshows, listicles and op-eds on various shows and events, including Parenthood, Grey’s Anatomy, Game of Thrones, the 2014 Sochi Olympics and more. Unfortunately, the site has since gone out of business and my pieces are no longer accessible.

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