Bad Blogger Award: Seven posts in 2019(?!?)

Wow. Did I really only post SEVEN times this year?!? I never wanted to be that person who started a blog and just let it disappear without explanation. But, man, did life demand my attention in 2019.

So, what happened to my dedicated blogging?

Short answer? Pregnancy, 4-year-old, book baby, human baby.


This second pregnancy was hard enough while chasing my older son around, but it also got medically complicated toward the end, and I didn’t feel well most of the time. Between doctor appointments, napping whenever possible, and maintaining my mental health with acupuncture and yoga to actively avoid what happened last time, I didn’t have much energy left over. Any ounce of energy I did have went directly into my family, and the little left over went into my book.


Just days before baby #2 made his appearance!

Here’s what they don’t tell you about having two kids, you’re going to miss the older one, like, all the time. Look, I know he’s still my guy, but now that I have two (both of whom I adore, of course), there’s so much more to juggle. It’s a solid grief that I tried to anticipate. So I spent every minute I could with him before our family grew and changed. Now I can’t imagine it any other way, but all summer I wanted to savor and cherish our time together.

Book Baby

I spent many months prepping for the querying process and then for the submission process. If you don’t follow me on Instagram, you may not know that my agent and I officially put LIGHTS UP, my first book, out on submission to publishers in September!

Getting both the manuscript and myself spruced and ready for that process took much of my time and attention before my baby was born.

Human Baby

And then I gave birth (ya know, no small thing) and now I have an adorable cherub of an 8-week-old whose smile lights up my life and whose colic is threatening to be the death of me.

Those are all my reasons, that maybe you didn’t need to hear, but that I did want to share.

So in 2020 while I learn how to be a mom to two tiny humans, while I try not to implode as I wait to hear the fate of LIGHTS UP, and while I slowly build the story of a new novel, I’ll be right here, sharing it all again. I genuinely hope you join me!

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  1. A year worthy of those precious 7 blogs, and so glad you’re back – I so love your writing, musings and fab pix! Can’t wait for more Brimming Blog in 2020!

    Liked by 1 person

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