Rewrite Your Smile with an At-Home Teeth Whitening Service From Smile Brilliant (Giveaway!)

As a writer, I almost always drink coffee or red wine while I work. It’s what keeps the neurons firing, gives my hands something to do while I think between sentences, plot holes, searching for the right word. Unfortunately, coffee and wine are unbelievably staining to the teeth and my smile was starting to reflect that. 

When Smile Brilliant contacted me to try their at-home whitening product in exchange for an honest review, I leapt at the chance to rewrite my smile. Believe me when I say I would never use my blog to promote a product I didn’t like, agree with, or try myself first. I’m so happy to say that this kit WORKS. 

I had discussed whitening options with my dentist in the past who informed me that not only would I have to pay for the service, but also an additional appointment fee.

Plus, I’m a busy mom who writes any second I have a moment to myself. I didn’t want to add a dentist appointment to a time when I could otherwise be working. That I could do the whitening at home while writing, without having to take any time out of my day was a major bonus for me. 

The price tag also works for me at a dentist grade whitening service for under $200!

How Does It Work?

The process was easy and Smile Brilliant takes out all the guess work by including step-by-step instructions for every part of the process.

I filled out a simple questionnaire about my dental history and a two days later, I had a Smile Brilliant package sent to my doorstep. 

I made my teeth molds, sent them in the prepaid envelope and received my customized trays about a week later.

I have to admit, I was hesitant to use Smile Brilliant and whiten my teeth at all because I have sensitive teeth. Smile Brilliant anticipates this for many people, and includes a desensitizing gel to use after the whitening process. I am so happy to say I experienced no abnormal sensitivity, and in fact, it helped with the sensitivity I was experiencing prior to whitening at all!


I used the kit for three weeks, taking a few days off in between to ensure I didn’t experience sensitivity.  After these weeks, my smile is brighter, whiter, and I can smile with a renewed confidence. 

Knowing I will keep drinking coffee, tea, and red wine, I will definitely continue to use this product to keep my smile white, bright, and brilliant. 


GIVEAWAY: If you’d like to win your own at-home whitening kit from Smile Brilliant, you can enter using this link* (open to USA, UK, Australia, and Canadian residents):

If you don’t end up winning, or want to purchase the kit for yourself, you can get a 15% off coupon using code: brimmingblog15 !

*Note: Smile Brilliant hosts the giveaway on their own website through an internal platform so you don’t have to worry about third-party websites selling your email addresses!

I’ll also be hosting this giveaway on my Instagram, so hop on over there as well! 

Let me know if you entered the giveaway in the comments, and always smile fearlessly!


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