Newly Published Pieces! Motherly & Her View From Home

In case you don’t stalk the published tab on this blog, or follow my social media closely (you don’t? Do you have a life or something? What’s that like?), I realized that my blog readers may not know that I’ve had two new pieces published recently!


“True Life: Somewhere along the way, I started feeling like a ‘real mom'”

My first piece for Motherly was about identity in motherhood (“You’re Still In There”) and my second piece for them is all about transitioning into that identity (I’m sensing a theme here). This second piece is part of Motherly’s True Life series and is all about that first year of motherhood. The highs and lows, and mostly the major identity shift that takes place for new moms.

While we constantly talk about how exhausting and hard and amazing this transition in life is, I’ve seen very little out there that discusses the depth and specificity of that shift in a way that isn’t snarky, defensive and that I could really relate to. This was my attempt at filling that noticeable gap. The more earnest and honest we are about our experiences, the easier we make it for other new moms.


Her View From Home

“He Grows Up a Little More Every Day and I’m Trying To Keep Calm” 

This is my first piece for Her View From Home, a publication that manages to be sweet without being saccharine, honest without being excessive, and is generally just a great site full of great writing about motherhood.

This is a piece about finding my son’s preschool and just how emotional it made (and still makes) me. I am proud and (shocker) emotional about this one because that preschool first day is rapidly approaching. My baby is growing so fast!

Even if you aren’t a mom, if you have a kiddo in your life who is growing lightening fast, I bet you’ll find yourself in this article.

And Now For The Begging


Following tips number one and two of how to support the writer in your life, please give these posts a read and share them on social media if you enjoy them. Full disclosure: for these kinds of sites, the amount of payment to the writer is based on views. If you enjoy my writing and/or want to support a freelance writer trying to make a living, clicking and sharing are the best ways to do that!

Here are the full links again, and they can also be found on my Published page:

Motherly: “True Life: Somewhere along the way, I started feeling like a ‘real mom'”

Her View From Home: “He Grows Up a Little More Every Day and I’m Trying to Keep Calm”

Thank you so much! I write because I have to – it’s how I make sense of the world, it brings me joy and helps me know myself better. It is also how I’m trying to earn a living and it is so much better when that writing is actually read.

As I’m still plugging away at this writing dream, I am constantly surprised, delighted, and humbled that my work is finding an audience and resonating with others. It makes my day and brings me endless joy when I see comments, likes, shares of my work.


If you are also a freelance writer, feel free to leave links to your recent work in the comments! I’m always happy to support others who are trying to make it happen, too.

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4 thoughts on “Newly Published Pieces! Motherly & Her View From Home

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  1. Congratulations! I follow both of these sites and it’s awesome that your work is published there! I so appreciate your article in Motherly! Such a great read!

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  2. Follow, follow, follow! I felt every word of this… I am so new to owning a site but I have been writing since grade school and tucking little pieces of myself away into notebooks and scrap papers for as long as I can remember. Like you said, “its how I make sense of the world.” This read was so refreshing.

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