Quick Update: Green Button Campaign Shut Down

I don’t usually post quick update posts on my blog, but because my last post about The Green Button Campaign and my own mental health journey with postpartum depression and anxiety was so widely (wonderfully!) read, I wanted to post an update that I just received myself today:


I wish I had a better explanation, but this is the only information I was given on the matter.

I am quite disappointed and saddened that our work will not be part of a larger campaign to help destigmatize mental illness, and to have lost the driving force of the connections I made with several other wonderful bloggers.

However, this news does not mean I can’t continue to do my part. Being a part of this campaign has been eye-opening to me around how deeply I believe in discussing and destigmatizing mental illness. I felt so utterly uplifted, joyous, and supported by all the amazing comments, feedback and support I received after my post went live last week. I had been petrified to post it, and now I feel lighter than I have in years.

Our words are powerful and our stories are meant to be shared.

Therefore, I will go forward as I committed to, and originally posted, to write about postpartum depression and anxiety every day during Mental Health Week (May 14-20).

As I wrote in my original post, there is so much more to my postpartum story that I will be sharing during mental health week. It feels unbelievably vulnerable, but if by sharing my story, I help one mom who is experiencing something similar, then it will all be worth it.

My voice may not be as amplified as I had hoped, but that doesn’t mean I can’t still use it.

Take good care.


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