How Social Media Can Be Good For Anxiety

One of the ways my anxiety likes to upend my life is by messing with my ability to pursue a new idea or challenge. It usually goes something like this:

I’ll have a creative idea that I think is exciting (i.e. taking a photography class, starting a YouTube channel, writing a play, learning another language, etc), then my anxiety likes to chime in with a heap of worry and rumination. I’ll feel immediately convinced that people will think it’s stupid, or that it actually is stupid, or that it is a waste of time, or that by doing that thing I could open myself up to far too many risks than are worth it. I eventually succumb to the lies it slings at me, deflated and frustrated with both myself and this dumb disorder.


This cycle kept me from pursuing my creative impulses for years. When I feel my anxiety lurking, I know the first thing it’s going to go for is my simple and vital joys – the ones that serve my creativity best. We all need lighthearted outlets, big laughter and creative expression that isn’t bound by the worry of “what if” every single day, yet anxiety seems to hover just on the borders of these spaces for me.

It wasn’t until I started a better coping strategy for my anxiety (reaching out, writing about it) that I’ve had the freedom to explore these artistic and creative impulses in a real way. In turn, I have been able to shove my anxiety aside far more easily because I am simply experiencing more joy and fulfillment by being true to these creative urges. It’s a positive feedback loop.

I am a bubbly weirdo (I was a theatre kid in high school to give you some context), but as I’ve gotten older and more anxious, the more my personality has become shrouded in self-doubt and second-guessing. When I’m unbound by anxiety and overthinking, when I’m just being myself and following my instincts/interests/obsessions, I have so much fun. I have been searching for more ways to infuse my daily life with a stronger through-line of fun to best combat my anxiety’s stronghold on my artistry. Enter social media.

Basically my anxiety is a boggart and Instagram is my riddikulus? It’s not a perfect analogy, but it’ll do.

I haven’t been historically big on using social media. I’m a private person by nature, I didn’t grow up with it since I’m old, and I’ve always been hesitant to overshare for pure safety and sanity. But it is a necessary tool for a writer, and I’m coming to find that there is a way of using it that is both safe and sane, and also super fun.

If you follow me on social media, you may have noticed this shift. I’ve been posting a lot more on my Instagram especially. I’ve been playing with fashion and make-up, connecting with other writers, bloggers, moms and business owners. Posting videos on my stories with random musings, workout updates, mini-adventures, and making a lot of friends along the way. It’s been a blast!

I’ve been interested in utilizing social media this way for a long time but I was always so hesitant because ANXIETY. No more.


I’m finally getting out of my own way to allow myself to pursue and enjoy something new and different (to me; see above: old). Instead of worrying about all the ways it could go wrong, or what anyone else is thinking, I’m simply enjoying myself.

It has also been such an effective tool for getting me out of my anxiety bubble/ comfort zone on a daily basis. Putting yourself out there to be judged on social media (or blog posts) is vulnerable and nerve-wracking. I’m starting to develop a sturdier disposition all around from sheer frequency of sharing.

Social media has a lot of issues and often does more to increase anxiety and depression than alleviate it. But I’ve managed to harness what’s good about it to help my anxiety and bring more levity and fun into my daily life.

Just a girl, standing in front a cell phone, taking hundreds of selfies (@brimmingblog).

Writing is my pure and true love. This blog is my space to work on and through a lot of ideas/topics/opinions that I churn on constantly, and my book is my place with full artistic freedom of expression and reflection.

But Instagram has been a fascinating addition to my creative expression that allows me to let you in a little more to those ideas or events that are less interesting to write about and way more fun to talk about or showcase in photos/videos.

Even though writing on this very topic is giving me anxiety (what if people think I’m stupid for basically writing a post about Instagram?), I’m going to post it anyway and then go talk about it on Instagram.


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24 thoughts on “How Social Media Can Be Good For Anxiety

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  1. I love this! A negative feedback loop kept me back so long. Once I realized it was a loop tape that continually rewound reinforcing my negative self-image, I cut the tape and have never looked back. Social Media can indeed be a positive force if used properly.
    Great post!

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    1. Thanks so much, Will! I agree I have given way too much power to that negative loop instead of the positive one. So nice to see a shift! Thanks for reading and your comment! 😊😊

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  2. This is a great post, Eva! It’s so refreshing to hear social media has done some good in ones life, and not be a tool to fuel hatred and self doubt. I’m alot like you, actaully. Before blogging, I was a hermit with social media because I to am very privet and shy. But I’m really liking it so far! It’s a creative outlet for sure! Thank you for sharing.

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    1. Thank you so much Kayla! Social media can be totally intimidating – so glad we have both found our way through it. Thanks so much for reading and your comment – so glad we found each other on insta!


  3. Wow, great thought-provoking post. I, too, am a private person so communicating my feelings, wishes, desires, etc. into the ether seems pretty scary. I applaud your bravery! I so enjoy your insights into living in this world with all of its challenges. You are strong and bright and powerful in your own right. Keep writing. I find myself looking forward to each new post. I love your fresh perspective and wit.

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  4. I love this! I so agree with you. Social media can have negative but it’s been quite opposite for me. An outlet. Thank you for sharing your heart in this. 💖

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    1. I’m amazed with how many people relate to this feeling! It is anxiety for me since I tend to have social anxiety and it took me so long to realize of course that would translate to SOCIAL media 😂 Thank you for reading!


  5. What a great perspective you share, thank you for being so open and honest. We seem about the same age, I believe our generation which didn’t grow up with social media is feeling a natural uncomfortable shift in how we communicate and relate to others. It all feels so new and scary for our generation! Thanking for talking about in such a positive way!

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    1. Yes it definitely doesn’t come as naturally – but I would take my preciously untraceable childhood and adolescence any day! Thanks for reading and your comment 😊


  6. I laughed hard at the my anxiety is a boggart and Instagram is my riddikulus! I have the same fears with sharing on social media, and I’m glad that it is working for you with Instagram.

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    1. haha thank you!! I was proud of that kind of lumpy but generally effective analogy. Thanks for reading and your comment!!


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