BBG 9 Weeks In: An Imperfect, Frustrating, & Enlightening Journey

I’ve now been at this BBG workout routine for almost ten weeks. There have been some hiccups and bumps in the road, but what I continue to gain from and learn through this fitness journey is kind of astounding. I cringed even writing the phrase “fitness journey,” but it really is the best way to summarize it, guys.

Taylor gets it.

The first four weeks were all about the doing it. The proving to myself that I could, that I had the strength and stamina to commit to it for a month. It was about rewarding my effort as much as I could and merely trying.

I felt and saw results so quickly, I was highly motivated to continue, convinced that I’d breeze through the next four and the next four in a similar fashion. HA! Yeah, no.

The past six weeks have been a bit of a different story. For starters, my kiddo got wise to my routine of working out in the morning before he woke up and started waking up a full hour earlier, just to spice things up and keep me on my toes.


With the morning option eliminated, I had to get creative. These attempts were met with mixed results.

I tried working out during nap time instead. This turned out to be less than ideal because that is usually my only writing time. I tried to split the difference and do both. I would get my workout in, but only a half-baked blog draft or a few sentences for the book finished before he woke up. When I saw a dip in my blog and novel productivity, I would rush through my workout which just seemed like a bad idea that would (and kind of did) result in injury.

I then tried including my kiddo in my workout.  It was fun at first, then a bit maddening. He loved it for the first ten minutes or so, then he got bored and started climbing all over me or under me. I finally had to pause the workout and set up a whole other activity for him before I continued. I’ve gotten away with a few workouts this way, and can do it like this in a pinch, but I don’t love it because my attention is split and I have to pause my workouts far more often than I’d like.

But, progress, not perfection, right?


Then there was the hurdle of illness. I am officially, gold-stamped OVER this cold and flu season. First, I got another head cold that had me so laid out I could barely breathe, let alone work out, for ten days. I got back into the swing of it for a whopping two weeks when just this past week, a stomach bug has arrived, seemingly with the sole intention to derail my workouts yet again.


When you’re just starting to get into the groove of any new routine and have hurdle after hurdle thrown at you, it’s disheartening. Not only that, my physical results have started to plateau because I’m not able to be as consistent.

On top of everything else, the workouts are getting really hard. Does it sound like I’m whining, yet? Because I totally am. But I have a point, I promise.

So, I quickly found myself at the corner of Frustration Station and Growth Opportunity.


I realized I had to actually integrate the lifestyle change. Not every day is going to go to plan, how are you going to work out anyway?

Ultimately, it is my mindset that has changed the most. I am much more mentally focused, determined, and dedicated than I have been in a long time. Not just to the workouts themselves, but in every facet of my life. My head is clearer because anxiety doesn’t have a home in my body anymore. It’s not gone of course (if only that’s how it worked), but I’m experiencing far fewer somatic symptoms because I actually work the anxiety out.

I am also more focused and disciplined with my downtime because there’s so much less of it. As Will Smith points out in his excellent and increasingly self-help focused Instagram (he may becoming the life coach I didn’t know I needed?), self-discipline is the purest expression of self-love.

It’s true. Let me explain. No, let me sum up.

I love myself enough to not waste time scrolling on my phone or watching television, when that is a BBG workout or a chapter in my book or a blog post. Self-care isn’t just about taking time off and resting (though that’s great, too and I do it as often as I’m able), but it’s also about taking care of and tending to your personal goals and ambitions. The needs that fuel and nurture you.

By being disciplined enough and loving myself enough to focus on my fitness, it is actually serving me far beyond a fitter body. I’ve been learning that very discipline through this workout routine. The hurdles, the frustrations, the plateaus, they’re all part of that process.

It hasn’t been a perfect road, but it is one that I’m learning to navigate.

Plus, guys, I think I’m getting an ab? Stay tuned.

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