I’ve Completed One Month of BBG, So Now I’m a Fitness Expert

I started working out four weeks ago. As I mentioned in my first post about it, I’ve been doing the BBG training program and it is no joke. I’m sore all the time, I hate life when I’m doing it, but I’m also slowly enjoying it more than I expected.

I’ve actually managed to wake up every day before my kiddo in order to get the workout in, and I am starting to notice small changes to my body already. I am starting to see definition in my arms and legs. I am more stable when I squat to help my kiddo on the floor with something. I’ve been sleeping great because I’ve been using my body for good instead of chips and wine (I mean, those too, just less so; I’m not a monster). I feel less emotionally clogged because when I’m frustrated or raging about something (see: this post about my writing frustrations at the moment), I now have somewhere to channel that energy.


Make no mistake, I do not spring out of bed invigorated and excited every day. Most days I hit snooze once or twice and think through all the reasons I don’t want to get up and work out. The only one I ultimately come up with is that I’m lazy and don’t want to. When I hit on that, I usually throw the covers off like a sullen teenager and get my butt out of bed.

My 4-week journey thus far! (I guess I only wear Warriors gear to work out? Go Dubs.)

I’m no expert and I’ve only been doing this a few weeks, so naturally I’m going to give you advice. If you are in the midst of or are considering embarking on a new fitness routine, here are some tips I’ve learned so far that have pushed me to keep going.

  1. Accountability buddies. Send sweaty selfies to anyone who is participating in their own workout routine, or who are simply supportive of yours. It is such a motivator. I have this little group that includes my best friends, my sister and my husband to send my sweaty selfies to and who are nothing but encouraging and supportive as I complain my way through each sore muscle, each damn Commando (I f-cking hate commandos).

    Ugh. You go, Kayla.
  2. Prizes. I am all about prizes and treats in life. I’ll find any excuse to give myself a treat. It’s Thursday! I didn’t buy everything I wanted at Target, so I deserve this little thing from Target! At the end of each successful week, I’ve had something to look forward to: a new book, epsom salts for a bubble bath, a bottle of wine. My sister also surprised me with earrings for completing these first four weeks. She did BBG last year so she truly knows what it takes! Every time I see or wear these earrings, I’ll be motivated to keep going.
  3. Music. I don’t love the term guilty pleasure. Why should we feel guilt or shame for liking something perfectly innocuous, but not necessarily popular? Still, there is some music I refuse to listen to with anyone else around for fear of ridicule and judgment (cough, Justin Beiber, cough). Working out alone means I get to listen to whatever terrible/amazing pop music I want and it is so wholly satisfying that it has sometimes served as the reason I get out of the bed and into my shoes in the morning.
  4. Blog material. I mean, I’ve gotten two posts out of this new routine now, so it’s definitely a motivator to keep it up. I could write about it far more than that, but I’m not sure anyone would care (would you care? Let me know). By posting about it, I’m keeping myself accountable as well, and wonder what I could have to say about it if I do it for another whole month.

Just as in writing, in work, in any goal that is worthwhile, don’t give up! Have fun, take a selfie and trust that with each small step, you’re making a huge change.

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    1. Ah! I definitely thought I was following you already but looks like I haven’t been- argh! Thank you so much for your supportive comment and for reading, I’m following you now and looking forward to checking out your site! xo

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