Happy 2018! My New Year’s Resolutions

*Huge sigh of relief*

We made it. We made it through the hellfire of 2017 and I was stoked to see it go. 2018 feels better already, doesn’t it?  Hell, it even looks better numerically. I tend to be more reflective around my birthday than I am around the New Year, but this year I gave vision boarding a try to provide myself ample opportunity for cultivating change. For the curious, it went very well.

I was able to knock that thing out in less than an hour. I guess my vision for 2018 was abundantly clear to myself, even before I had words for it. Through snipping, clipping and drawing, I realized I have one major, clear focus for 2018: to work. I am ready to make some waves.


In tandem with the board, I came up with more specific resolutions for the year that will help me get at how to achieve and manifest a more robust work life.

My resolutions for 2018: 

  1. Finish my book. Every part, to completion, done, over, the end. So wait, like the whole manuscript? Yep, Eva, the whole thing. By the end of the year? Hopefully before then, but yes.
  2. Up my freelancing game. I’ve been dabbling at best, submitting sporadically and without any real focus. Submitting is a numbers game, so if I want to publish more, I have to submit more, which means I have to write more. It’s time for serious updates to my Published section.
  3. Live a life worth writing about. Travel, adventure, silliness, escape with enough pause for reflection and enough practice that the words pour out more quickly.
  4. Focus on fitness. A fitter body means a stronger mind and more energy. Both of which I’ll need to increase my work output. My body feels like a sloppy sack of flour I have to drag around these days. I am ready to get back to a level of fitness that serves my physical and mental health. This means you’ll have to actually work out instead of just scrolling through fitness profiles on Instagram while you eat another bowl of cereal. I know. All good things must come to an end.
  5. Become more engaged in writing communities for support, networking, and fun.

I’m laying this all out here to hold myself accountable. It makes me uncomfortable, but that can only mean it’s a good thing to do. We’ll see how I do!

Happy New Year! What are your resolutions?

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4 thoughts on “Happy 2018! My New Year’s Resolutions

Add yours

  1. Such clear and focused resolutions! Mine are focused around self-care, love and acceptance, as means of improving the world around me:
    -to sleep
    -to dream
    -to spend focused, quality time with each of my loved ones each day
    -to play more music, dancing more, crying and laughing more
    -to integrate my intellectual life and creative self with my work as an educator
    -to communicate more simply and directly
    -to seek more to understand, support and hold space for others, rather than control
    -to witness more, and neutralize my tone of voice, which has been replete with positive and negative judgements
    -to yoga and pray regularly

    I think that covere it! Thanks fornleading the way, Brimming! You have definitely been a voice in the wind that got me brimming in 2017.

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