12th Blog of Christmas: The Magic of New Year’s Eve

New Year’s Eve is my jam.  I love champagne, I love glitz and sparkle and the idea of fresh starts. My husband and I got engaged on a New Year. There is something about the change over of the year that has also coincided with major life changes for myself personally.

This is not the experience of everyone, often people don’t enjoy New Year’s Eve for all it’s expectation and subsequent disappointment, which I get. But New Year’s Eve and I have always gotten along pretty splendidly.

Tonight, even though I am still nursing a bad cold, I am going to do this thing.  My husband and I are going to keep it low-key by making a nice dinner, doing a fake countdown for our kiddo before his early bed time, and making vision boards. I know. You have thoughts, but hear me out.

So I know vision boards are a thing and while they’ve always intrigued me, I’ve never done one. I had always been someone with a clear vision for my life up to a certain point. But once I finished grad school a few years ago, my vision for my life kind of exploded.  I had been so focused on academic achievement, on this one narrow goal for so long, that I sort of ran out of vision for myself. I did it, now what?

I had also burnt out of my field like a rapidly dying star, so there was a lot of recovery and soul-searching I had to do during that time as well. I needed my life to be amorphous and open to remotely figure out what was next.

In that open time, I’ve shifted my career focus, had a kid, and moved to a new state twice. It was a practical and experiential lesson in life marching on without a clear vision. I’ve enjoyed this time of my life immensely, giving myself the grace to be unfocused, unsure, good enough.

As wonderful as it’s been, I’ve been a bit adrift and I’m ready to helm this ship on a clearer course.

Life has steadied and calmed to the point of having a rooted home, a routined life again, and we are smooth sailing on steady waters (all these ship metaphors; do I need a boat?). I’m finding I need to dedicate some of that buckled-down focus I had when I was a student to mapping out an overall plan for myself again.

The photo I was already going to use for this post is literally me on a boat. It’s working already!

I’m finished with the thinking and wondering phase. I’m ready for action. But before I can act, I need to know what I’m striving for, what actions will make the most sense for me. I need to let myself dream a little bigger. My future self has started to knock on many doors in my mind and I am ready to listen.

Enter the vision board. I’m going to spend this evening on the floor with glue and scissors (and champagne because, c’mon) and construct my intentions for the year. I’ve always been a visual learner, so it stands to reason this act of intentional visualizing could be really helpful for me. At the very least, I’m going to have something pretty to put on my wall.

New Year’s Eve may not be anything but another day, but every day is still an opportunity to create change and introduce vision back into your life. We just happen to have a cultural experience around it on this one, and it happens to coincide with the perfect time for me, personally, to utilize that collective excitement.

I’m happy to say goodbye to 2017, ready to harness my intentions into action for myself, my family, my life. I want to focus more on how I want to feel, what I want to cultivate in 2018, rather than what I want to accomplish. It’s my sense that accomplishments are the consequence of a focused mindset, not the other way around. I’m so excited to map out what I want to give and what I expect to get out of this year.

If you’re ready to make a change in your life, want something different for yourself, something bigger, something complicated or difficult or new, that can feel intimidating or hopeless. But whether or not you believe in the magic of New Year’s Eve, let yourself feel hope tonight. Let yourself get excited by that spark of want. I’m here to validate that choice, to encourage you in that pursuit, and to champion you through the want to the get.  I see you and I’m right there with you, trying my best to keep the spark alive, too.

I’ll report back on my vision board experiment and in the meantime, I wish you a spirited 2018 brimming with joy, courage, health, and kindness.

Make 2018 count, loves. Happy New Year!


p.s. I did it! 12 blogs of Christmas! That alone is worth celebrating with a glass of champagne, non? Thanks for following along.

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