4th Blog of Christmas: Celebrating My First Published Motherly Piece

Life continues to be chaotic and intense. My Southern California is still burning, my family is still displaced, I’m in the midst of preschool tours (which I thought would be fun, but?), I am fighting a cold, and my child is screaming and banging on my door as I type this.

Despite it all, I’m in really good spirits. This is in part because I love the village lifestyle of child rearing and having my sister and her kids here, despite the circumstances, is so fun. It also feels, in part, because I am forcing myself to see the good and showcase only the positive things in this 12 Blogs of Christmas challenge. And there also continue to be many wonderful, good things among the intense and stressful.

Like today when I got official word that my first published piece in some time has gone “live”. My Brimming post You’re Still in There, all about identity in motherhood, has been featured on Motherly, and counts as my first published piece in a long, long time. I am officially back in the freelancing game!

Even if I only ever have a few, I’ll never not vibe on my byline.


Being a freelance writer is a whole thing. You have to be quick, tenacious, thick-skinned and persistent.  It’s not a game I was any good at when I had an infant and only feel I have the wherewithal to attack once again. I’ve been  sporadically submitting work here and there, all of which has been rejected (including by Motherly). I would try to let the rejections roll off my back, but they inevitably soured my mood a bit.

So today, this feels like a win. After a lot of rejections, I am quite proud to have this piece (one of my favorites) be published and out there on a website I both read and respect. This one ‘yes’ has erased all the ‘no’s before it. It’s giving me the motivation I need to keep freelancing, to keep submitting. Cue mini dance party!


While life keeps churning at a pace and level that feels beyond comprehension, it’s especially important to celebrate what you can, when you can. I celebrate this today, and encourage you to find the thing to make this a Monday worth celebrating, too.

You can read the post by clicking the link above or here: https://www.mother.ly/life/youre-still-in-there-mama

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