Thankful for Brimming: Six Month-versary!

There is much to be thankful for this year. There are so many abundant joys in my life that contribute to my feeling hashtag blessed. But the thing that has made the biggest difference to my own personal growth, well-being and mental health, and has had the largest impact on my life this year has been Brimming.

I officially “launched” Brimming six months ago to the day! This six month marker is a tremendous milestone to me because when I launched it, after much handwringing, I told myself I was going to give it six months.

I put no expectations on myself beyond doing it at all, and letting it mold and shape as I worked on it. I wanted to see how it felt to put my writing out there, if anyone would read it, and if the blogging format would be a good creative match for me.

I am thrilled to say that I really, truly love it and see no signs of slowing down.

It has been incredibly gratifying to have a place to express myself again. To have consistent readers who are kind and generous with their feedback.

I have noticed I am a faster, stronger and more confident writer than I was six months ago.

I am submitting and about to get published as a freelancer again (more on that when I can share it!)

BTS: What I look like when I write. My husband snapped a sneaky photo of me literally writing this post.

It’s amazing that by giving myself a real opportunity and chance to express myself, despite (or because of) feeling quite vulnerable through it, both my writing skills and mental health have improved, while also finding agency in myself and abilities again.

While 2017 has been a nightmare at large, it will always mark a turning point for me. The year I rediscovered myself, my purpose, my passion. In these sometimes serious, often silly musings of mine, I have unearthed the Me I once knew, and also grown into the first inklings of the Me I will and want to be.

Brimming has been the greatest gift to myself and one that only a deeper wisdom could have given me, and one that has been made ever more beautiful by your readership.

In this week of thanks and gratitude, I am blessed to be brimming and utterly thankful for these past six months.

Here’s to the next six!




P.S. I have many plans for the future, so please check back often. Sign up with email or follow Brimming on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.

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