Favorite Finds – October (Books+Bonus) Edition

My dear Brimmers (did I just make that up? Yep! I like it, I’m sticking to it!), I am sorry to have been neglecting you. This October edition is coming to you a few days late because I have been in the throes of NaNoWriMo (read about that journey here) and spending every second of writing on my word count. For those interested, you can follow me on Twitter for those updates, though I will try to do short update posts on the process here every so often as well.

In September, I focused Favorite Finds on blogs and websites I like. October was a great reading month for me, so I’m focusing on books, with one essential bonus category for a new Netflix Original you must watch if you haven’t yet. If you have a preference for whether you like it more organized by category, or more random, let me know in the comments. Now, on to the recommendations!



The Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo by Taylor Jenkins Reid 51VFrzslYiL._SX329_BO1,204,203,200_This is the kind of book that will get you out of a reading slump. It’s fresh, different, dishy and glamorous, while also touching on darker topics like spousal abuse, LGBTQ+ issues, and mental illness. Evelyn Hugo is an Elizabeth Taylor-esque actress and the story follows her life, including her many husbands, and it is a total delight. You will find yourself wanting to follow Eveyln Hugo’s advice and wisdom in your own life.

Turtles All The Way Down by John Green

John_Green_Turtles_All_The_Way_Down_Book_CoverIf you are interested in a more in-depth review of this novel, you can read that here, but suffice to say this is a book that demands to be read if you are a fan of contemporary YA literature. This isn’t an enjoyable read, exactly, it’s too agitating and real to feel like any sort of escape. But it is vital and rich and unbelievably validating as well.  I’d hold off on reading if you are in the midst of stress or anxiety yourself, and wait until you can really enjoy and appreciate it.

The Girl With All The Gifts by M.R. Carey The_Girl_with_All_the_GiftsThis book came out years ago, but I hadn’t heard of it until my best friend recommended it to me and told me not to look up anything about it beforehand. It’s one of those that is best to just dive into with no background so you can follow the journey as cleanly as possible. This is a page-turner for fans of dystopian worlds. If you are over dystopian books, I get it, I thought I was, too. But this book is really, quite different and unlike anything I’ve read in the genre. It is also a series, but I felt that this book stands alone, as well.

Ready Player One by Ernest Cline Ready_Player_One_coverI’m way late to the party on this one. Friends have been telling me to read Ready Player One for years now, and while it always hovered in the top ten on my to-read list, a new title would bump it down just far enough I would forget about it again. I finally got to it, and I’m so glad I did. This is another dystopian page-turner unlike anything I’ve read before. If you are a fan of fast-pace, ’80s nostalgia, quippy dialogue, high-stakes adventure, video games, and/or geek culture of all kinds, this book is for you. Though Cline does have a tendency to over-explain and drone on a bit too long in some parts, he easily makes up for it with the action and thrill of the treasure hunt. It’s fun, exciting, and rumor has it the movie due out in March is actually going to do the book justice.

(Bonus Category) Television:

American Vandal, Netflix American-Vandal This show. I binged American Vandal with my sister over a week ago and I’m still thinking about it. I went in to it with very little knowledge or background, but had seen it recommended by a few reputable sources and I am so glad I listened. This show is absurd, yet surprisingly profound. It is equal parts Serial, true-crime mystery, with mockumentary styling, attempting to get to the bottom of who committed vandalism at a high school in Southern California. As a masterful satire, it takes itself just seriously enough, but it is also quite aware of itself and knows when to lean in to the silliness. American Vandal manages to capture the impact our decisions and choices have on one another, the pressures teenagers and teachers are both under at such a formative and vulnerable time in life, all while discussing dicks. Yep, dicks. Please watch this show, I need more people with which to talk about it.

Any books or tv shows I need to watch based on this list? Let me know!

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  1. Excellent! Thank you for the book recommendations. I am in a bit of a slump and look forward to reading my way out of it!

    American Vandal was amazing! Highly agree with the review here.

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