Favorite Finds – September (Writer/Blogger) Edition

I am always looking for smart, insightful writers and writing to follow and read online. In this age of information saturation, where everyone has an opinion and a blog (I mean, hi), it’s hard to sift through who is worth reading and following. As I mentioned in last month’s Favorite Finds post, I decided to dedicate this month’s to my favorite blogs, pieces, and writers I follow and love. Let’s get to it!

Devil Wears Prada Full Script!

Aline Brosh McKenna is a screenwriter, producer and most recently co-creator of Crazy Ex-Girlfriend (a show you really should be watching if you don’t. Season three premieres in two weeks!) However she is most well-known for writing the movie The Devil Wears Prada and she just allowed the final draft of her script to be published online and you can read it here in its entirety. Even though I’m not a scriptwriter, this feels like a gift bestowed unto young writers everywhere. So much to learn and be inspired by seeing a writer’s work like this.


I post a lot of my favorite posts about motherhood and parenting on my Facebook page, but here’s a collection of my favorites:

Why moms stay up way past our bedtime . I’m guilty of this almost every day. [Motherly]

This fabulous post on how to help a new mother is one of my favorites. [Raised Good]

This honest and amazing piece on why having it all kinda sucks. [HuffPo]

This piece about why parents are more tired than you think we should be provided me with so much comfort and validation at the peak of being the most exhausted and sleep-deprived of my life. [HuffPo/ Morning Grouch]


I’ve made it abundantly clear how much I adore LaineyGossip. It is so much more than a celebrity gossip site, offering cultural, feminist commentary on what is going on in the world through a celebrity lens. It doesn’t just pour out content for the sake of it. Each piece is smart and incisive.

This piece by Lainey on Justin Timberlake headlining the Super Bowl Halftime Show is searing and spot-on. If you’re not still mad about the fallout of the Janet Jackson/ Justin Timberlake half time show twelve years ago you MUST read this to re-engage with why you should be.

Go Fug Yourself 

I’ve been reading the Fug girls since college and I’d be very surprised if this is the first time you’ve heard of this site. But it has only gotten better with every passing year. Helmed by the same two writers, Heather Cocks and Jessica Morgan, who have also co-written several books together, it is smart, funny, and the perfect escape when you want to read about fashion and celebrity and television. Read and enjoy!

I also want to give two shout-outs for fellow bloggers, whose writing is excellent and perspective is fresh:

Katryn Alice Sandry – Medium

If you like whip-smart satirical takes on politics with a feminist and conversational tone, then this writing is for you. Kate’s observations are totally on point. Her most recent post about James Cameron and Wonder Woman is sarcasm at it’s best.

My Jawbreakers – WordPress 

These essays about fame and culture are so well-written and incredibly interesting. Start with her examination of the new Netflix documentary Gaga: FiveFoot Two. It’s great.

Any other writers or sites I need to follow? Send me links in the comments!

photo credit: pexels/pixabay

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  1. Thanks for sharing Eva! I hope you can lurk a little on my blog rocknrattle.ca. I noticed that some of your favourite articles are from Motherly and the HuffPost, I’ve had a few published on those sites as well, hope you get a chance to read them. I look forward to more of your posts 🙂

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