Favorite Finds – August Edition

As August comes to a close (did this month FLY to anyone else?), I have compiled the second edition of my favorite finds list, my monthly list of all the new Awesome on my radar. (Read July’s here)

* Note: I’d like to devote a category of September’s Favorite Finds to new and interesting blogs or websites. Send me links!

On to the list!


Insecure insecureSeason two of Insecure is in full swing (in fact, it’s almost over so catch up asap!) and I cannot get enough.  My god do you need to watch it if you don’t. It’s so smart, so funny, so spot on and unapologetically authentic. I legit laugh out loud every episode. The exploration of self alongside the stumbling frustrations of your twenties are unbelievably well done. Issa Rae is an undeniable force and vital voice. Also, Lawrence. Hello. It’s on HBO. ENJOY.

The Big Sick 18216607_1775033269476423_1145837994894948498_oI finally saw The Big Sick when I took myself out on a date last weekend and enjoyed it so, so much.  It is based on the very true story of writer, comedian and actor Kumail Nanjiani (Silicon Valley) and how he met his now-wife. It’s a rom-com in a time where rom-coms cease to exist. The only other movie I’ve seen alone in the theatre is The Notebook back in 2004. I think seeing romantic movies alone is actually way more fun because you are able to fully experience and submerge yourself in the story without distraction. Anyway, I found The Big Sick so interesting, hilarious, charming and quite the breath of fresh air. And don’t be fooled, rom-com doesn’t mean it shies away from difficult topics such as cross-cultural marriage and illness. Rather, it shows the humanity and love we are capable of within those experiences. HIGHLY recommend.


Crowd Fire App crowdfireTo all my fellow bloggers, Crowdfire is an awesome marketing app that allows you to blast your posts on all your social media at once. I’m sure there are other apps like it, but this is the first of its kind that I have used and I’m pretty happy with it. I don’t have a ton of time left over from running after my little one all day, so this has been a timesaver that allows me to spend more of the time I do have replying to comments and finding other blogs.


Swimming Lessons by Claire Fuller 30304221I wasn’t sure what to expect of this book from the synopsis, but I needn’t have worried. Swimming Lessons is a character-driven story about love, marriage, motherhood and loss.  Though Swimming Lessons is quite melancholy, it is also hopeful and different and compelling to the point that it didn’t leave me feeling depressed or upset. It takes place in two narrative forms, one timeline is modern-day and written in the third person, while the other is written in the form of letters. The letters are definitely the stronger writing and more driving story, strong enough to carry the chapters that drag a little. If you’re looking for contemporary fiction or a new book club selection, this will give you lots to talk about.

Sounds Like Me: My Life (so far) in Song by Sara Bareilles (audiobook) sounds-like-me-9781476727776_hrI’ve been on a bit of a celebrity memoir jag this year. There’s something about diving a little deeper into the lives of celebrities who are actually smart, deep-thinking, self-deprecating with interesting stories to tell. The best ones are the ones that are actually written by the authors themselves, that make you think about your own life and self in a new and interesting way. Sounds Like Me does exactly that and more. I didn’t know much about Sara Bareilles besides her few songs I’ve heard on the radio and the fact that she wrote Waitress: The Musical, based on one of my all-time favorite movies of the same name. That was enough to pique my interest, in addition to an endorsement from a friend that this book was great. I loved listening to this book. I have become so much more interested in her music knowing the stories behind her songs. Her insights and reflections on herself as a child, her experience discovering her passion and developing her music and voice were all totally relatable and will sound so familiar to any artist out there. Plus, she sings at each chapter interlude which was a major bonus because her voice is amazing. Short listen at just under four hours, highly profound in small, thoughtful and emotionally validating ways. Totally recommend!

That’s it for this month. Have you read these books or watched these shows? Let me know what else I need to be checking out. Follow me on Goodreads and send me book recommendations!


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