Friday Feminism: Why You Should Be Watching “The Bold Type”

A fashion magazine. Beautiful young women looking to make something of themselves.  A strong-minded Editor-in-Chief with a severe haircut. We all know this show. The Bold Type knows this show.  The Bold Type isn’t this show. It may have all of those elements, but it has something new and fresh and different to say.

I was inclined to include this show on the next installment of Favorite Finds, but it is too pressing and too good to wait a month.

The Bold Type is a new show on Freeform (a network I didn’t even know existed until this show debuted a few weeks ago, but apparently I have included in my cable bundle, so, score!), and it is charming as hell. It follows three friends at Scarlet Magazine (Cosmo equivalent), in their various roles as Writer, Assistant and Social Media Director. The women have varying levels of power in their positions, complex backgrounds, complicated relationships and lots of love for each other.

If you like shows with a strong female lead, this one has three. If you like shows about, by and for women, this show is for you. If you are looking for something refreshing and different, this is it. If you like your shows flashy with fun fashion and cute guys, this show has all of that, too.


Only three episodes have aired, and this show is working its ass off:

A story about three strong women whose primary focus in life is their work?  The Bold Type is doing that.

Women supporting each other, instead of tearing each other down? The Bold Type is doing that.

A boss empowering and valuing her employees? The Bold Type is doing that.

Storylines that focus not the current political climate, i.e. having designers distancing themselves from Planned Parenthood? The Bold Type is doing that.

An interracial, Muslim LGBTQ relationship exploration? The Bold Type is doing that.

Calling Kamala Harris the next Elizabeth Warren? The Bold Type is doing that.

Discussing women’s sexuality outside the context of relationships and men? The Bold Type is doing that.

Passing the Bechtel Test in every episode? The Bold Type is doing that.


Helmed by creator and writer, Sarah Watson, who wrote some of the funnier and emotional episodes of Parenthood (often revolving around complex issues and the strong female characters), you know it’s in good hands.

It isn’t yet perfect.  It is getting its feet wet and has a lot of story to cover, but it is good. I’m starting to see early flashes in it similar to season one of Sex and The City. Not only because the content is similar or because it’s about female friends in New York City. But because it has a distinct point of view about what is going on for young women right now and is bravely providing a platform to these massive, bold topics.

You’ll want to get in on the ground floor of The Bold Type because this show will be great in time, which requires ratings. You need to watch because this type of show is the result of this massive cultural conversation we have been having for years about women needing to helm network shows. About roles for women who aren’t just playing the wife, or the assistant, or the bitch. About women telling stories by and for women. Networks will get the message that these topics, these stories, these shows matter to us, but only if we watch. This show is fun, but it is also important. So get to it! Be bold.

The Bold Type airs Tuesdays at 9pm on Freeform.


Catch up on the first three episodes here.

Images courtesy of Freeform


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