Welcome to Brimming!

Happy Mother’s Day!

Well, here we are. After months and months of handwringing, soul-searching and anxiety fueled insomnia, we have launched. I am so excited to actually put this out in to the world!

I can think of no better day than Mother’s Day, 2017 to enter this new venture. Becoming a mother changed me so thoroughly I thought I would never know ‘up’ ever again. But now, with my nearly two-year-old napping, I type away on the laptop my husband got me for my very first Mother’s Day last year in a show of total and complete support of my dreams. My guys are the best and I hope to make them proud. This is all from me, but it is all for them.

As a new mother, all I wanted was to have a place to put down my thoughts, connect with other women on any number of topics, from motherhood to politics and everything in between. It is my goal to update this site daily with valuable and interesting content for every multifaceted person out there! This is lofty, but what’s the point if you don’t swing for the fences right? I’m by no means deluding myself into thinking this site will be for everyone, but if you like to read about and discuss mom stuff, non-mom stuff, tv stuff, book stuff, celebrity stuff, political stuff, this may just be the site for you. I hope you stick around with me as I find my footing and provide me with feedback, input and discussion along the way.

Here’s to brimming with curiosity, ideas, enthusiasm and hope!




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